1. Ch Sweet Melody of Singh
   Ch Rajputana's Fair Play  X  Ch Danedom's Felecia
2. Ch. Vellin Kerny of Singh - "Brandy"
   Ch. Singh's First and foremost X Ch. Poly of Singh.

3. Ch. Victor - "Bosko"

4. Ch Danehill's Gangster Girl at Paquin's
    BIS.Ch Paquestone's Quinton Quest X Amasa's Regent Divine


5. BIS Ch Paquestone's Quinton Quest
    Am Ch Primrose Topshelf X Am & BIS Can Ch Penadane
    Paquestone Play me


5. BISS.BIS. Ind & Can Ch Ruathadaynakn Lycka V Paquin
    BISS Am & Can Ch Infiniti's Alleanza V Daynakin x BISS Am &
    Can Ch Paquestone Daynakin Quiet Riot